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Dahlia 'Franz Kafka' tuber from ADR Bulbs

Dahlia 'Franz Kafka' tuber from ADR Bulbs

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Form: pompon
Bloom size: 4 to 6 in
Site: full sun
Days to maturity: 80 to 100 days
Plant spacing: 12 to 18 in
Pinch: when 12 in tall

These are leftover tubers from a bulk order through ADR Bulbs
From the wholesaler:
"Ball dahlias feature tall, perfectly round flowers that produce blooms all season long.
The miniature version of a Ball dahlia is a Pompon dahlia.
Outside of zones 8-11, lift before first frost and store indoors for replanting the next spring season."

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Please note that even though our flowers are tenderly grown with natural and sustainable practices, they are meant for visual pleasure and should not be eaten. Some varieties, including sweet peas and daffodils, can be harmful if consumed. If you're interested in edible flowers, please feel free to contact us

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